Monday, May 26, 2008

More Ladders

Here are a few more shots of who I consider very good truck companies. The photos were shot with my Sony Cybershot. This way before I received my SLR. Minor PhotoShop work done to them. This fire was at a third alarm In an Industrial Facility In the Fire Department Of Mount Joy's first due. If I recall, they had a fire In a rack storage unit and had a very heavy smoke condition In the structure. The bottom photo of Dauphin County Truck 88 from Middletown Fire Department Is one of my all time favorite Mack Scopes.

I will probably post one more truck tomorrow and then most likely some more photoshop work on some new photos I took and some of my son. Maybe I'll post a picture or two of a fire for Mr. Myers...

Enjoy the holiday today and have a great week

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