Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Clear for take off...

Hey everyone.

Hope your having a good day. Today's photo is from the runway of the Lancaster Airport. The plane that you see is the plane belonging to VP Canidate Sarah Palin as she was here in Lancaster giving a speech at Clipper Stadium. The plane has just gotten clearence from the tower and is waiting to take off. The same day we had the diaster drill at the airport was the day she was in town. It was kind of cool to see her motorcade pull into the airport. We could not see her at all as obviously, we were not able to get that close.

Have a great day everyone!!


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2sweetnsaxy said...

Cool. The only time I've ever been close to anything presidential was when Bobby Kennedy was running for President. I was just a kid but remember waving on the street as his motorcade drove by.