Friday, October 10, 2008

Why I do this....

Hey everyone,

I was asked the other day, why I enjoy fire photography? Do I enjoy taking photos of people at their worst moments?? Do I enjoy seeing things destroyed by fire??

Why I take the photos?? I take the photos to try and show the positive things that firefighters do. A wise fire photographer once told me to try and get your photos to tell a story, to potray the dangers the the FD faces on a call and what could be a routine call could go to hell in a handbasket rather quickly.

With as much bad press as the FD gets at times, I hope that my photos can remind the public that for the one firefighter that is a bad apple, there are hundreds of firefighters who bring honor to the profession and should not get lumped in with the one bad egg.

I do know some fire photographers who I would say, have questionable morals. I've been to accident scenes where there are patients still in a vehicle and there are the photographers right there in the car, sticking their camera in the persons face. I won't do that. I've seen photographers stick their cameras in a vehicle with a deceased person with other family members around. I won't do that.

I have also assisted my local police department at accident scenes with photographing the scene. The only way I would photograph a person in a vehicle if a police officer would ask me to as part of an investigation.

Otherwise, I won't invade a person's privacy by sticking my camera in their face. If that works for some, fine, I prefer not to photograph that way.

I also have given my photos of incidents to departments to use in training. If my photos can help a department see a mistake that was made at a incident and if it helps them prevent it from happening again, then it was worth it.

Since I have started blogging, I have tried to become a more well rounded photographer If you will, by photographing a variety of things. The sky, my son, landscape. I hope it has made me a better photographer. I don't think I am at the level of photography as some of the other great photographers on here. I'll keep trying though. This is why I appreciate the SWF posts, before I would have just brushed that off, but now I really enjoy the photos that are posted by the folks. I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy yours..

Ok, now for the photos...

I did not have anything planned for today, so I had to pull some from the archives. I've been playing around with this new filter that I've downloaded trying a few different things. I've been really busy with preparing to teach a few classes at work and other projects going on..

Hopefully, I can get out here soon and photograph some new things...

I hope you all have a great weekend!


reluctantfarmchik said...

Your motives seem pure, and your pictures are awesome, so I say photograph away! Very nice share - happy SWF.

Texas Travelers said...

I like the photos.

Interesting commentary. Well said.

Thanks for the visit,

2sweetnsaxy said...

I think your pictures show things from your perspective, a perspective that many of us don't and never will have. Some of them may not be the best moments, but they are life's moments and that has a value all their own.
Be safe!

D Herrod said...

Love the photos. I think firefighters have earned and deserve all the tributes they can get.

Tootie said...

I think all of your photos I have seen are in good taste. :-)
There is much danger and hard work involved in fighting fires and I think you capture that well.

I like the sky watch photo. The Aunt must have a great view from her home.