Monday, October 27, 2008

How can I have made this photo better??

Hey all,

Well I have to apologize for the technical error that my blog has seemed to experiance. I have no idea what happened to the last two posts that I had on here..

So anyway, Sorry this post is late. Remember when I said I was taking care of my little guy because he was under the weather?? Well now, I'm taking care of my wife and myself and my little guy as we are all now sick...UGH! Oh well...

So anyway, this photo. I am throwing this out to the people alot more smarter then me with this. How could I have made this photo better?? This is one of the photos shot at the recent rowhome fire. I shot it manuel.

My goal was to try and get the fire venting out the window a little bit more visible then what it is. I wanted to try and get more of the color of the fire in particular.

When I worked this photo up, I sharpened it and changed the contrast abit. Unfortunatley, If I remember a lesson from Brian B. I can't do anything about the yellow in the background with the smoke. I also added some fill light to the photo and that's about it. Without cluttering the photo with noise, I don't think there is anything much more I can do.

Please feel free to comments...Good or Bad..

Have a great day and GO PHILS!!!!



Brian Bastinelli said...

Hey Woody-

Sorry for the delay in checking out this image.

What is interesting is that I drove through, well on 30, Columbia that night at that time and never knew anything was going on.

I think the image is quite good as it is. But if I were looking to improve it...

I might try to adjust the white balance to bring back the color as you saw it. I am thinking setting it to tungsten would help. You might have to go a bit further in Photoshop or Lightroom.

By doing that you drop the overall yellow/red cast to the image a bit. This will help the fire which obviously is the same color to stand out a bit more. Then I would add an adjustment layer, well two. A selective color adjustment where I added color to the fire (red and yellow) and a saturation boost as well.

I might have tried to shoot a bit tighter and from a different vantage point. Those lines make me crazy. I know there is little you can do about that.

I would try to reposition or try and get rid of them in Photoshop.

I know they are part of the story but they can sometimes be a bit distracting.

I downloaded this image and worked on it a bit. I am emailing it to you now. Drop me a line if you have any questions.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Oh wow. Now I see the difference in the one you posted after this. Wow, what a difference. I'm taking note of Brian's tips too.