Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Heavy Smoke Showing...

Hey Everyone,

I hope your week is going well. Phillies won tonight!! One more game and they are in the World Series!!!

These photos were actually taken earlier tonight. I was watching the game when I heard Lancaster City Fire Department get dispatched for a buiding fire on the scanner. That perked my attention so I turned the scanner up abit. I heard the City Batt Chief with heavy smoke showing. This was at a pretzel bakery. I grabbed my shoes and the camera, told the wife I was going to a fire and left. While I was heading over, I heard the first in engine crew report they had heavy fire in a industrial sized oven, they believed it was contained but were checking for extension.

When I arrived, they still had a good smoke condition but had the fire contained to the oven. Since I was there, I decided to still shoot a few scene photos. I was pretty happy overall. A few could have been better, but I think they look good...

Have a great day!!!


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