Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boardwalk at Hershey...

Hey everyone,

Day 2 of photoshop week. These photos were taken just this past Saturday at HersheyPark. The county held it's annual picnic up there this year. So I decided to go up for the day. Out of the 5/12-6 hours, I was there, I only got on two rides and both were roller coasters. I really wanted to get on a few of the water rides since thats what I enjoy the most, but the lines were just nuts and I refused to stand in line for an hour to wait for a locker to secure my things(camera included) I had the camera with me, so I had fun just walking around shooting things.

This is in the Boardwalk section of Hershey, they have two very large buckets in some water ride contraption, not really sure what it was. Once they fill, they tip and dump the water down onto you.

Let me just say, that people watching up there is almost as enjoyable at times. There were some rather interesting folks up there thats for sure.

Hope you all are having a great week. I want to say thanks also to Brad Myers and HFD60 for their feedback yesterday. That is what I am looking for, so please feel free to comment and not hold back..

Stay Safe,



Bradley Myers said...

Once again Woody I like the first shot better. The second looks like you were using the posterize filter, and I like what it does allot of the times but never liked what it does to the sky and clouds. I was never happy with it in any of my own shots when the sky was involved.

HFD60 said...

Dang..he beat me again...again I have to agree with Brad, I like the first one....