Thursday, July 17, 2008

More PPP...

Good Morning All,

Here are some more random shots from Pump Primers. The first photo is the logo of Engine 50 from Steelton, I thought it was pretty cool. The second one with the three dogs is from the bumper of Pikesville C Model Open Cab Mack. The third photo is the Citizens Fire Company CF mack from Mahoney City, Engine 454. This is the first time I have ever seen a master stream device on the front bumper of a rig.

The fourth photo, well I'm just minding my own business and this guy comes and just positions himself in front of me while I'm trying to take a shot. Some people...(Just kidding buddy)

The fifth photo is of a train coming across the bridge. I thought it was a cool shot to take, so I did..

Have a great day everyone!!


1 comment:

Bradley Myers said...

You should have walked up and kicked that guy into the river for getting in your way. That would have taught him a lesson, LOL.