Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Can you hear me now?...

Hey Everyone,

Hope your week is going well so far. This is my last day of work and then I am off for the next 3 days, I have to work Sat and Sun and then I am off for the next 7 days..

These Photos were taken In Marietta this past Saturday. I worked a detail with our field communications unit where we were the command post for the Marietta Fireworks/Festival and handled all communications for any incidents in the area.

While we had a quick break, I went out and shot some photos. The first photo is obviously our field comm unit set up. The second photo is looking south from our location. I really was not shooting anything in particular, just an overall shot of the area. The third photo is looking due west of our location and this photo was actually cropped down. This is actually across the river over in York County. I'd be curious as to find out where this house is exactly at. I'm sure judging from the location of the house that they did not have the FD in mind when they built the house...

Enjoy your day everyone!!

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J. Pontz said...

Woody - I was just scanning through your photos and came acoss the photo of the house on the hill overlooking the river across from Marietta. The house is referred to as "Round Top" and is a private residence owned by a man named Jay Cook. When I still owned my business, we worked up there for several years on a variety of projects. To say the place is unbelieveable is an understatement. The property includes 600 acres of land that extend to the bottom of the hill on the Wrightsville side and to the river on the other side. Access to the house is via electronically controled gates that lead to two miles of paved driveways that wind up over the hill to the top. The house sits atop a huge boulder cliff with a shear three hundred foot drop on the river side of the house. From the top of the house, you can see at least 50 miles in every direction. The house is huge and used to be a bed and breakfast. In regards to fire equipment access, the driveways are at least twelve feet wide and there are no sharp curves on the way up. The biggest problem by far is that there is no water up there other then a small garden pond and a swimming pool. Getting tankers up there wouldn't be too difficult but getting them turned around would be a major problem. Finally, the property is posted AND patroled so I wouldn't suggest going there without an invitation.