Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ladder Training...

Hi All,

Hope your having a good week. I'm counting the days till I am off for almost the entire month of August. These photos were taken this past Tuesday at local vo-tech school. The department that I am a member of, Willow Street Fire Company, were doing Ladder OPS for training. I got there a little late but still got in some shots. The first two are of the guys conducting various evolutions. The other 3 shots are of the department apparatus. The 3rd shot is of Truck 5-12. Fourth shot is of Rescue 5-12 and the 5th shot is of both the pumpers, 5-12-1 and 5-12-2 and the Chiefs Buggy.

I have some upcoming photo shoots planned here in the future. My nephews and sister in law from Texas are coming up and we have alot planned. I was told to make sure I take alot of photos, so I'll be posting a few on here.

Have a good week everyone!

Stay Safe,


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