Thursday, July 10, 2008

More from the CC Barn...

Hi All,

I hope your all having a great week. Here are some more shots from the Choo Choo Barn. This is a place where I could spend hours taking photos and not get bored.

The first photo is a tourist getting pulled over by the local police department. The second and third photos are of The Dutch Wonderland Amusement Park. This was my first summer job and it was a great place to work. I have many fond memories of working there, made a lot of good friends.

The fourth photo is of a Amtrak train that was passing by close to the park.

The fifth photo is of Wyatt looking at a Disney Train. This one I need some help on, so If anyone who is much smarter then me in Photoshop, PLEASE PLEASE leave any comments or suggestions. I was attempting to clone the photo, In Wyatt's reflection, I wanted to attempt to remove the white post that goes down the middle of his face and move it to another part of the photograph where it would blend it.

Everytime I attempt to do it, I get a message stating the image is locked. I've looked online, I've looked in my photoshop book, I've checked the online help manuel for photoshop and I cant find anything on a locked image or how to unlock it.

So I don't know If I am missing something or If it's that obvious and it's right in front of me and I have not found it yet...

Any help is appreciated...

Thanks and Stay Safe,


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