Monday, June 30, 2008

Anyone up for the Amazing Corn Maze??...

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Hope you are all had a great weekend!!

Todays picture was taken this past Friday. Wyatt would not go down for a nap, so I loaded him up in the car and away we went. Those of you who have kids understand what I am talking about and I am sure have done it.

This photo is east of the Strasburg Railroad. This is the entrance to the corn maze, a well known summertime attraction here In Lancaster County. For the fire guys who come to this site, about nine or ten years ago. I worked a brush/field/vehicle fire here in the middle of summer. It was a very dry spell and a hot exhaust from a vehicle actually ignited corn that was underneath it. Well, long story short, about 20+ vehicles caught fire and a large area of the cornfield burned, while the place was packed full of tourists. Fortunatley, no serious injuries occured and no damage was done to the maze.

I was driving on Strasburg Road when I glanced over and saw the wording in the field. I thought it would be a cool photo to take, so I pulled over onto Cherry Hill Road where the maze actually is and took the shot.

Wyatt slept the entire time and never knew a thing...

Hope you all have a great Monday!!

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