Monday, June 16, 2008

Engine 6-3-A..The 49 Comes Home...

Good Morning All.

I hope you all had a great weekend and for those that are dads, hope you had a great fathers day.

As promised, I am still posting more photos of old school rigs from the recent firemans parade held in Strasburg Pa.

Todays photo is the 1949 Chevy Pumper, owned by the Lafayette Fire Company. 59 Years Ago, The Fire Company brought the Chevy body and contracted with The High Welding Company, now known as High Steel to build the body. This was the very first piece brought by the fire company and was designated Engine 6-3-A.

When the pumper was finished, a mistake was discovered when the members arrived and found that the pumper was Orange and not painted Red. The members liked the color orange and decided to keep it that way, and all future apparatus was painted orange.

I'm not sure when the 49 was sold, but I do know the piece did service with the Armstrong Fire Brigade and I am not sure what happened with the piece after that.

I do know that just a few months ago, a member of the fire company saw the piece sitting outside a farm just north of Quarryville and saw that it was for sale for a reasonable price. The member contacted the other members and they decided to purchase it and bring a piece of their history, back home where she belongs. Granted, it was painted red, but I do know plans are in the making to paint it the "right" color that all fire trucks should be.. : )

I hope everyone has a good day today...

Stay Safe..


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