Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tickets Please...

Good Morning All,

Since I most likely won't have a post up on Monday, I decided to post today and hopefully that will tide you over till Tuesday.

This photo was taken last night down the street from where I work. I ran down to the local restaurant to get dinner and as I was walking out, I happen to notice our "conductor" sitting at his post and I decided it would be a cool picture. Post processing, I know I need to practice more. Tonights photo, all I did was crop it down and added some color to enhance it abit and that is it.

The photo is taken in front of the historical Manheim Train Station. Just to the left of me is the "Cats Meow" Restaurant. I'll have to do a little more research, but from the history I do know, The train station was an actual running station back in the 1800's and was the site of the "Great Manheim Train Wreck" I think back in the 1800's where two trains collided. The actual restaurant itself used to be known as the American House Railroad Hotel.

Allright folks, It's time for me to hit the rack so I hope you all do enjoy your weekend and stay safe!

As always, don't be shy, feel free to leave any comments...good or bad...

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