Thursday, June 19, 2008

Final Post On Rigs Of Yesteryear....

Hi All,

After seven days of old fire trucks, I decided to end the series on old school with a shot of new school if you will.

I actually got the idea from Brad Myers when I was reading his blog about his wish for a tiller In Harrisburg. So I decided to post a shot of a tiller a little closer to home for him.

This is Truck 2-4 of the Eden Fire Company In Lancaster County. It is a 2006 Pierce TDA, 100 FT Aerial. This is the only tiller in Lancaster County and is also the only ladder truck In Lancaster County that is also designated as a rescue since it carries enough equipment to be able to do both.

The Eden Fire Company used to run a 1994 100 FT LTI Tower Ladder and a 1990 E-One Heavy Rescue. Due to decreasing manpower, the department wanted to consolidate services. The department now runs an engine and the truck and also a QRS for medical calls.

I did some photoshop work with this. To be honest, I really did not have a game plan as to what I wanted to do with it, I was playing around for about 30 minutes till I got the look I liked...

Enjoy your Thursday Folks, I will be working OT tonight from 3 to 11, so I'm not sure what I will have up for Friday..

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Brian Bastinelli said...

Cool shot and nice treatment of it.

What it must be like to have a truck that bends int he middle...