Monday, June 23, 2008

Site of the Great Manheim Train Wreck of 1896....

Good Morning All,

I just got home from work and am ready for bed, so this is going to be real quick..

I took this photo actually this past Saturday while I was heading into work. I was ahead of schedule for once and had some time to kill, so I decided to shoot some photos around the train station.

If you remember from a previous post I had, The building on the left is currently the Cats Meow bar/restaurant which used to be the American railroad hotel. It is right down the tracks next to the bar that the great train wreck happened. I actually did some reading about the subject. In the middle of the night, guests at the hotel were awakened by the cries for help. They came out of the hotel to find that the train struck a "night box" (Brad or any railroad buff, can you help me out with that?? not sure what that is..) and the train derailed..

I did some photoshop work to the photo. I did the photo with the ink outlines and then faded them to an overlay and I think it came out pretty good..

Allright, time for bed...

Have a great start to the week folks!!

Stay Safe,


PS..By the way, for any of my firefighter/photography friends that read my blog. If any of you are ever in the area and want to dine at a good place. This is one of the best restaurants around in Manheim. If you do stop by, give me a call and I'll buy the first round...


Bradley Myers said...

Your speaking my language now Woody, I heard you say beer and I love beer.

I don't know what a night box is, I googled it without any luck. I will ask Sam on Saturday, if I can remember.

Woody said...


There are plently of good places in Lanco to obtain a good quality beverage.

Perhaps we can plan an event in the future and maybe persuade Brian B to come over and teach a photoshop class over some lagers and dinner...