Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Reo...

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As promised, continuing on with Old School Fire Trucks. Today's photo is of the Neffsville Fire Company 1936 Reo Seagrave. Here is some brief information about the piece. Info is from;

1936 Reo Seagrave

Retired from service
Still competes annually in parades and pump competitions
Has earned numerous awards

500 GPM pump
500 gallon water tank
Hard sleeve hose
150’ feet of 1 1/2 inch hose
200’ feet of 2 1/2 inch hose
1 hose adaptor to hydrant
2 (2 1/2) discharges
216 inch wheel base

This rig, along with the 1927 deluge both travel up to the annual Pump Primers event In Harrisburg each year. I believe the Reo is already entered for this years event. I am sure the Deluge is as well, I have not heard official confirmation though.

You know, even though I am not an "Old" timer per se. This statement kind of tells me where the future of the volunteer fire service is going. While I was sweating taking pictures of all the rigs that went by, I ran into an old friend who is also "retired" from the volunteer fire service and now is more of a buff, like me. While we were talking about one of the rigs that went by, a kid who was probably no more then 18, walked by and was complaning about the old rigs and made the remark along the lines that the old rigs were crap. As much as my friend and I wanted to take Junior to school, we thought better of it. If you ever heard the phrase "2/20" by Chief Billy Goldfeder, you know what I am talking about and that fit this kid to a tee.

I was then thinking to myself, that probably half these rigs that are retired could probably outpump and run circles around the current rigs today. Especially the 38 MACK I posted about earlier In the week...(Sorry, I am a MACK fan, had to throw that in there..)

Allright folks, time for me to hit the sack...Hope all have a great day and feel free to leave any comments...

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