Friday, June 20, 2008

Festival and Fireworks...

Good Evening Everyone,

It's actually Thursday while I am typing this. I just got home from work not too long ago after working an eight hour OT shift. For the entire summer, my work is paying doubletime for any OT worked. Kind of hard to turn that down you know??

Anyway, These photos were taken just last week at the New Danville Fire Company Festival. Not to stray, but one of my major pet peeves is the fact that it is 2008 and we still have fire companies having to raise $$ for themselves. That's a disgrace, all volunteer companies should be fully funded by the muncipality they serve and all career departments should be fully staffed and funded and have state of the art equipment and should NEVER have to worry about being laid off.

Ok, back off my soapbox..

Now more about the photos...

The top photo is at the entrance to the New Danville Fire Company, The engine is Engine 5-5-1 and is a 1996 engine. I do not know all the specs on it yet. I thought the shot was pretty cool with the engine, the american flag and the fire company sign. I did get a little frustrated as I was attempting to do some photoshop work. I was attempting to change the background color to a white background and just have the fire station and the engine and everything else be the focal point, I gave up for the night. If anyone has any suggestions, (Hint Hint, Brian B) Please feel free to leave comments...To give an example of what I was trying to do, I got the idea from Brian's blog when he did the photo of "Borders Guy" with just the photo of the guy and the entire background white. I always thought that was a really cool shot. Maybe next week I'll try again..

The other two are obviously fireworks, My schedule is pretty packed this weekend with work and other commitments, I won't be able to do any processing. I actually read an article in the newest issue of Popular Photography on how to make great fireworks shots and I do plan do try that, I just won't have the time this week.

This is the first time I ever shot fireworks with any type of camera, but was anxious to try it with my Nikon. I think for the first time out, they did not turn out too bad, again if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve the shots or what settings to set the camera to, Please feel free to leave suggestions...Don't be shy..

I hope you all have a great weekend...

Stay Safe,


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